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Random History of Belgium

The Random history of #Belgium (RhoB) is a #historypodcast about an event, company, person or cultural phenomenon important for Belgian history.

We inform, educate and entertain the listeners with explaining parts of Belgian history in this ad-free, independently produced podcast.

Ranging from playing cards, our royal family, politics, state structure, food, new-beat, movies, inventors, painters, WWII and much, much more... 

Every two weeks, we'll bring you the best stories from our history, without ads, nagging, begging or other interruptions.

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Jun 3, 2020

EP113 of the Random history of Belgium is a re-recording and adaptation of a  4 year old episode out the controversial King of Belgium, Leopold II.
We look at his life, the colony, how he got the "mandate" to colonise and his later life and death.
This was rewritten en re-recorded in June 2020

May 14, 2020

EP111 - We'll look at the October 1996 tot 2020 timeframe about the White March protests, the #Dutroux case and we'll look at one of the most weird incidents in recent history, the commissions, the trial and much more.

May 11, 2020

EP111 is the second part in a multi-part episode on the White March on Brussels (1996). We chronologically go over the crimes of Marc Dutroux, the ingestivation and we'll continue our journey into what caused the anger leading up to this massive demonstration.

Apr 27, 2020

EP109 is the first part in a multi-part episode on the White March on Brussels held in 1996. We'll look into what it was, what caused it, and begin a journey through the chronological order of events leading up to this demonstration.

Apr 3, 2020

EP108 - Tells the story of the master of emotions, the 'second Breughel"... the painter Adriaen Brouwer. Who lived in the early 17th century, shifting between Amsterdam and Antwerp.
We look at his life and paintings, and his role in history.