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Random History of Belgium

The Random history of #Belgium (RhoB) is a #historypodcast about an event, company, person or cultural phenomenon important for Belgian history.

We inform, educate and entertain the listeners with explaining parts of Belgian history in this ad-free, independently produced podcast.

Ranging from playing cards, our royal family, politics, state structure, food, new-beat, movies, inventors, painters, WWII and much, much more... 

Every two weeks, we'll bring you the best stories from our history, without ads, nagging, begging or other interruptions.

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Mar 19, 2020

EP107 of the Random history of #Belgium, deals with another food item important to our history, we'll talk about Brussels Chicory, #Witloof or Endives.
We'll look at what it is, how it was discovered and how it's cultivated over time. #BelgianHistory

Mar 6, 2020

EP106 - The 3rd part of our Origins of the Belgian election system episide, and we go through the 1949 to more recent years, the regions gain importance, we see a few notable elections like the one of 1971 and 1991 and their impact, we also look at the evolution of the seat distribution.