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Random History of Belgium

The Random history of #Belgium is a #historypodcast where I tell stories from our past, in a non-chronological order. These stories can be an event, a person, company or cultural phenomenon from Belgium. 

This to inform, educate and entertain the listeners.

Wars, kings, new beat, movies, inventions, painters, our industry and much, much more. (check the past episodes to get an idea of the subjects). 

Every two weeks, we'll bring you the best stories from our history, without ads, nagging, begging or other interruptions.

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Jan 16, 2018

Episode 47 of the Random history of Belgium explores the final decade of the 19th century in Belgium. The changes in our election system, the World exhibitions and many more...

Jan 2, 2018

EP46 of the Random history of #Belgium flies over the 1880s decade, the 19th century and the industrial revolutions and social changes in Belgium are the main subjects. #historypodcast

Dec 19, 2017

Episode 45 looks into the historic floods and storms we had, the terrible flood of 1953 and the protective measures against future disasters both in The Netherlands and Belgium, like the Delta-plans. 

Dec 5, 2017

EP44 of the Random history of Belgium will give you an overview of the life and works of Louis Paul Boon, one of our more well known writers. We'll take a look at three of his works and career. 

Nov 21, 2017

Episode 43 of the Random history of Belgium will tell the story our speech recognition pioneer Lernout & Hauspie Speech Products. Their start, rise, and demise will inform you about our role in voice technology.