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Random History of Belgium

The Random history of #Belgium (RhoB) is a #historypodcast about an event, company, person or cultural phenomenon important for Belgian history.

We inform, educate and entertain the listeners with explaining parts of Belgian history in this ad-free, independently produced podcast.

Ranging from playing cards, our royal family, politics, state structure, food, new-beat, movies, inventors, painters, WWII and much, much more... 

Every two weeks, we'll bring you the best stories from our history, without ads, nagging, begging or other interruptions.

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Aug 30, 2016

In this multi-part episode, we'll see more in-depth about the early years of the colonisation of Congo free state by king Leopold II of Belgium. This episode might contain stories and situations that are not for the faint of heart. 

Big thanks to the resources I've found on this:

"Congo" by David van Reybrouck


Aug 16, 2016

The Random history of Belgium, this week will be about the life and reign of Leopold II.

The second king of Belgium. 


It's a little longer episode, but there was jut too much material to cover in 20 min.

Aug 2, 2016

This Episode of the Random history of Belgium deals with the years 1840-1850.
The hunger, the settlers and the correct way to spell "horse"